Everything you need to know about the BlockDrop Coin


Those who purchased BlockDrop Coin during our Australian presale received their first unlocked allocation of 16.67% of BlockDrop Coin tokens into their wallet on Monday 22nd April 2024 at 08:00am UTC. They will receive further allocations over 6 months through to October 2024, on the 22nd of each month (or 21st in some cases due to calendar periods).

The BlockDrop Coin reward airdrops will be weekly, at the same time every week. Monday, 1am UTC. To be eligible, you must have held your BlockDrop Coin tokens for a minimum of 6 days (or 144 hours) prior to the airdrop.

The BlockDrop Coin reward airdrops will be sent in Solana. The amount you will receive will depend on the amount of $BDROP tokens you have held for the previous 6 days. The amount of Solana will also fluctuate based on external factors, such as the price of BTC.

No. To be eligible for the reward airdrop you must have held the BlockDrop Coin tokens for 6 days before the next airdrop date.

No, there is no minimum. However, if your airdrop share is lower than the fees for airdropping your SOL then you will not receive anything. Remember, the more $BDROP you hold, the more rewards you will be airdropped.

The airdrop address is: solscan.io/account/6ZgZTtdrxQekWvsTa1NxQQKiB8vuzBEVMYQU7tTDwJv9
Note: the wallet is updated at 00:00 UTC each day.

You won't receive airdrops for a number of reasons:
1 Your BDROP is sitting on a centralised exchange (such as MEXC) and they haven't integrated individual wallets, you will need to withdraw this to a Phantom or Solflare or other SOL wallet off the centralised Exchange, to participate in airdrops
2 You haven't held BDROP for the required 6 days so look for it next week (check out the tool on our homepage to see your eligibility)
3 You are holding BDROP in a high-frequency trading wallet that our auto-filtering scripts have determined to be a bot and thus have filtered it out of airdrops.

No. BDROP does not support centralised exchanges. This would require integrated individual wallets. We have engaged MEXC to discuss this so this may change in the future. Please hold your tokens on a decentralised wallet (e.g. Phantom, Solflare, etc.).


10,000,000 BlockDrop coin tokens are unlocked on launch backed by the first tranche of 1,000 miners. Additionally we will release 90,000,000 BlockDrop coin tokens over time in tranches, representing 9,000 more miners based on project success at later dates.

No, we will only release more tokens into circulation as and when we bring online more miners. We will be keeping the mining output per token the same ratio.

We unlock 10m per 1000 miners added, and currently we only have 1000 miners ready to go. So 10m in circulation. The rest are sitting in this wallet and can be monitored: CtCr7t5SgEKghg91v622XqnqwZPXFZWcj6VpaQ6FSB4Y. They won't be moved without great fanfare and notice to everyone of the next miners going online.

Currently we are planning to add miners at a rate of 300 per month, and will add them as they come online. We've resolved that the fairest way to get these to market is to add the excess tokens unlocked after the purchase of miners to the Liquidity Pool. Since the LP does not get an airdrop and those interested in the tokens can purchase them directly from the dex.

The only fees taken off the mining activity are:
1 The cost of energy, this is fixed at 6c per kwh.
2 The maintenance fee, the mining company takes a 10% fee off BTC produced by the miners as a fee.
After both costs the net BTC is sent to their payout wallet, and converted to SOL which is then transfered to our airdrop wallet.


The BlockDrop team have minted 100,000,000 tokens. The 10,000,000 tokens circulating supply represent 1,000 miners actively mining.
Our Australian presale participants will participate in a 6 month vesting schedule, commencing on the date of token distribution, where they will receive 16.67% of their purchased BlockDrop Coin tokens.
The remaining tokens will be equally distributed, once a month, for the next 5 months on the 21st/22nd of each month.

All tokens, even those in vesting are eligible for airdrops. The airdrops will be sent directly to the wallet due to receive the vested BlockDrop Coin tokens. So Australian presales will receive the full airdrop output even if they have only unlocked 16.67% of tokens for example. Note: the 90,000,000 BlockDrop Coin tokens not currently circulating will not receive airdrops.

Participants of the Australian presale will receive BlockDrop Coin tokens into the same wallet that they sent their Solana (SOL) from. The vested BlockDrop Coin will be sent once a month on the same day.