Regarding Airdrops

Miners are currently facing reduced profitability due to a decline in hashprice driven by factors such as a drop in Bitcoin's price and high difficulty levels, impacting airdrop rewards

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Unlocking Bitcoin Mining for Everyone

BlockDrop Coin engages participants in the evolving Bitcoin mining landscape by providing a platform where, contingent upon successful mining operations, they may have the opportunity to receive distributions. These distributions occur weekly, dependent entirely on the profitability of the mining activities for that period.

Mining Rewards in
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22 Sec.
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Your address will solely be used for you to verify the number of $BDROP tokens you are eligible.

  • BlockDrop will never ask you to connect your wallet;
  • Please be aware of scams and always double-check where you connect your wallet.
000 BDROP Total held in your address
000 BDROP Held for 6+ days at the address
000SOL To receive in the next airdrop
(Please refer to our whitepaper for more on airdrop eligibility)
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100,000,000 $BDROP Minted

10,000,000 BlockDrop coin tokens unlocked at launch backed by the first tranche of 1,000 miners.

90,000,000 BlockDrop coin tokens, representing the potential to unlock 9,000 more miners based on project success.

Token Buyback and Burn

BlockDrop Coin commits 2% of the net value from mining operations to facilitate the buyback and retirement of tokens. This strategy aims to gradually decrease the total supply of tokens, which could influence the market value of remaining tokens. This action supports our goal of maintaining a balanced and sustainable token ecosystem.

Airdrops to Token Wallets

Proceeds from successfully mined BTC, after operational costs and fees are deducted (10% for maintenance and fixed-rate energy costs), may be converted to Solana (SOL) and allocated to token holders. Distribution of these funds occurs weekly and is calculated based on individual token holdings, dependent solely on the success and profitability of the mining operations for that week.

For a more comprehensive review, please read the BlockDrop white paper

White Paper

Road Map


Finalize BlockDrop Whitepaper
Launch Website & Socials
Secure lease agreement for 1,000 S19 95TH Bitcoin Miners
Mint $BDROP token and max supply
Issue fact finding survey
Release Whitepaper
Mining units go live for BlockDrop
Token issuance
Launch on Dex
First airdrop to token wallets
Listing on MEXC

In Development

1600 miners online by end of Q2
16,000,000 tokens in circulation by end of Q2
2500 miners online by end of Q3
25,000,000 tokens in circulation by end of Q3
Tier 1 CEX listing


BlockDrop Coin

BlockDrop Coin introduces a tokenization model designed to make Bitcoin mining more accessible through blockchain technology, enabling wider participation without traditional complexities.

The Challenge

The landscape of Bitcoin mining is increasingly dominated by well-resourced entities, which narrows the opportunities for individual enthusiasts and small operators, contributing to a more centralized ecosystem

Our Solution

BlockDrop Coin leverages a token-based access model, enabling users to engage with Bitcoin mining operations. These operations are conducted by top firms committed to efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Key Features

BlockDrop Coin aims to enhance accessibility to Bitcoin mining by tokenizing elements of the mining process through partnerships with established Bitcoin mining operations. This initiative offers opportunities for active engagement and is geared towards eventual exchange listings.